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Simon Rumble

Hey there, I'm Simon Rumble.

Father of two gorgeous kids, web analytics guru.

Simon Rumble's Background

Simon Rumble's Experience

Head of Data at Datalicious Pty Ltd

June 2011 - February 2012

Managing a small team of talented web analytics and online marketing technical consultants ranging from junior to senior. My team handles the technical side of our clients' web analytics implementations, prepares large data sets for detailed analysis, maintains the infrastructure supporting the business and prototypes new products solving real-world problems for our clients. This role includes project scoping, planning and management, managing client contact and keeping a handle on resource availability and scheduling. As a company, Datalicious tackles high-end analytics challenges, merging data sources across different platforms and channels to solve business problems. Key focuses have been multi-channel marketing analysis, custom real-time data analytics system development and complex segmentation regimes. As a first step, my team assesses new clients' existing web analytics through a thorough audit to ensure a solid base is available for future digital marketing. We spend a lot of time consolidating organically-accumulated digital marketing installations into a consistent, stable and well-understood framework so that clients are ready for the next stage, where cross-channel campaigns can be launched, optimised and analysed quickly and easily. My team advises on and implements dynamic segmentation mechanisms that use visitor behaviour to implicitly cluster the audience and launch future campaign activity to each group. A recent project involves integrating all traffic source data with ad server data (impressions, clicks) and online behaviour (conversions) to build a framework for media attribution analysis. This analysis enables businesses to integrate every touch point, from impressions to direct visits, and understand the full path to a conversion.

Omniture and Web Analytics Analyst at Telstra Media

October 2009 - June 2011

Implementation and process reform of Telstra Media's complex and sprawling Omniture installation across mobile, online, IPTV and embedded devices. I re-wrote Omniture's library to work in constrained embedded environments and re-worked processes to make Omniture implementation more scalable. I started a weekly training regime for the entire company, aiming to spread the ideaof data-driven decision making throughout the business. Each fortnight I delivered a beginner's class to anyone with an interest in the tool, and in the alternate week did a deep dive into a particular aspect of data collection and reporting. The response was enormous with around 30 people each week and a massive increase in interest and usage of the analytics tool. Telstra Media is responsible for many dozens of sites across mobile and online, developed by different vendors and delivered through different platforms. Getting consistent Omniture coding across this environment is an enormous challenge. I have improved the processes to make the task more intuitive for site developers and enable the reporting team to repair broken implementations through centralised code. My biggest achievement was the implementation of consistent reporting on Telstra's embedded IPTV platforms. In 2010 Telstra launched the T-Box, an IP-enabled Digital Video Recorder that gives access to Telstra's IPTV channels and movie download service. Telstra software for LG and Samsung Internet-enabled TVs and Blu Ray players give access to Telstra's movie download service and IPTV channels. In a very constrained environment, I was able to get data flowing into Omniture from the different platforms and developers in a consistent manner, to deliver key business insights. This involved breaking new ground and developing new techniques for each platform.

Web & Business Systems Consultant at AAPT

September 2007 - August 2009

This contract began as a content manager, loading content into the new public web sites of a major business transformation project, Hyperbaric. Along the way I discovered ways to make tweaks to the CMS platform and work around problems to help us make the launch. Following the launch the contract was extended and I dove further into the integration of the various customer-facing web systems, performing bug triage and business analysis of solutions to business problems and working with the external supplier to deliver new functionality and bug fixes. Working as the link between the technology and marketing areas, I produced and developed AAPT's various customer-facing sites across a range of CMS platforms. I integrated multiple back-end and third-party systems into the single user interface. Implementation and operation of analytics tools WebTrends, Omniture and Google Analytics to inform marketing activity, advertising spending and customer retention. Introduction of A/B testing systems to optimise landing pages. In 2009 I produced a new Drupal-based site with new design and architecture, integrated into twelve back-end systems. My task was to manage design, testing, content loading, integration, network changes and internal change control processes to get the site live on-time and on-budget. The new site simplified the sales checkout process from 15 steps to 5 and improved conversion 350% with a 30% lift in overall sales.

Content Manager at AAPT

September 2006 - September 2007

Content manager implementing new public and internal web sites to accompany major business transformation project. Copy writing through multi-stage approval process while keeping the message consistent. Testing and business analysis for changes and improvements. Javascript and template development.

Senior Technical Author at Searchspace

June 2005 - April 2006

Senior Technical Author for financial compliance and fraud detection software products using Framemaker. Documentation for print and online help systems and development of automated document production using WebWorks Publisher. Preparation and management for translation. The most interesting aspect of this job was working for a software development house using the waterfall model to successfully deliver tested, documented products on-time and on-budget. The secret to this seemed to be scrupulous scope management and well-padded estimates.

Documentation Team Leader at Pilat Media

August 2001 - June 2005

Starting as Senior Technical Author, promoted to Documentation Team Leader managing a small team documenting a rapidly-developing television broadcast management system. Planned and implemented conversion from Microsoft Word to AuthorIT to facilitate both printed and online outputs. The position also involved quality assurance, document production automation, implementation support at client sites and business analysis.

GNU/Linux Consultant at Digital Science

March 2001 - August 2001

GNU/Linux Consultant, specialising in "dot-com" and ISP type companies with network support, management, , scripting, maintenance and technical authoring. Consulting clients while at Digital Science: * Schlumberger: Technical editing and authoring for a new network. * Acumen Envision: Training in Linux for Independent Publishing.

Technical Author at Torrington Interactive

February 2001 - March 2001

Internal development and documentation of Perl in a mod_perl environment, HTML::Template, Oracle PL/SQL driven web fleet management application running on GNU/Linux servers. Documentation done on GNU/Linux system in Perldoc and SDF format.

Content and community consultant at The Executive Network

November 1999 - September 2000

Strategic consulting as content and community producer. Development and implementation of online content and community strategy and technology selection for vertical portal site. GNU/Linux server setup and administration including scripting and configuration. XML news feed processing.

Strategy and pre-sales producer at Spike Pty Ltd

July 1999 - March 2000

Strategy and pre-sales producer. Involving web strategy development, pre-sales documentation, technical documentation and training for large-scale web products. Internal network documentation for global web hosting network. Client training in Tokyo on large intranet project.

Writer at Spike Pty Ltd

1999 - 2000

Web site copy and sales proposal writer for one of Australia's first big interactive agencies.

Technical Author at Aurema

September 1998 - July 1999

Technical Writer. Documentation, FAQs, online help training and marketing materials for Unix resource management tools. Framemaker+SGML, troff, HTML and other tools used within the Unix and GNU/Linux environment. Also a short sting of business research, travelling around asking our clients what they did with our software. Systems used: GNU/Linux, Irix, Solaris, ReliantUnix, Tru64 Unix. Customer interviews and training. Unix and Perl scripting work.

Web Producer at Corporate Express

April 1997 - September 1998

Development of NetXpress, at the time Australia's largest e-commerce site, including documentation, training design and coordination and customer training; Business analysis and internal application documentation; network documentation and planning; project management of international deployment of web application running on GNU/Linux, Solaris and DG/Unix systems.

Journalist and Web Developer at Wide West Media

1996 - 1997

A job I got by showing the founder how to optimize page load time on the company home page in the interview, a rare level of technical skill at the time. Writing for the new web medium, designing and developing web sites for clients.

Online Performance & Analytics Manager at Vodafone Australia

February 2012
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